Use Cases

Sales Management Dashboard

Sales Management

Keep on track with your sales team’s performance with CRM, Finance, Telephony and Messenger integrations. Break down the numbers by team, region, and period and spot trends and key insights in real time.

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Marketing Analytics Dashboard

Marketing Analytics

View all your marketing activity on a single board with Google Analytics, Shopify, Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn integrations. Filter by campaign, team and region to identify performance trends and spot opportunities and threats in real time.

Project Management Dashboards

Project Management

Track and monitor all your projects on a single dashboard with Asana, Jira and Google Sheets integrations. View progress, identifying areas for improvement, and ensuring that projects are completed within budget.

Recruitment Dashboard

Recruitment & Onboarding

Streamlining the recruitment process with a dashboard integrated with Slack, Airtable and Pipedrive. Tracking incoming candidates, view appointments and ratings and ensuring a smooth onboarding process for new hires.

Financial Management Dashboard

Finance Management

See all your key financial indicators on one dashboard with Xero, QuickBooks and Excel integrations. Track financial metrics such as revenue, expenses, and profits to enable your business to make informed financial decisions.

Customer Service Dashboard

Customer Service

View and monitor your customer satisfaction levels with Twilio, Zendesk and RingCentral integrations. Track customer interactions, identify trends in customer feedback, and ensure customers receive timely and satisfactory support.

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Operations Dashboard


View key metrics of your business operations with Google Sheets, Airtable and QuickBooks integrations. Monitoring inventory levels, productivity, supply chain performance, and other operational metrics to optimize help processes and improve efficiency.

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Human Resources Dashboard

Human Resources

Monitor your HR performance with Google Sheets, and Airtable integrations. Tracking employee data, monitoring employee performance, and ensuring compliance with labour laws and regulations.

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