Product Features

Connect all your data sources

Comparing data from across all your teams’ applications is essential to understanding business performance. With over 30 pre-built data connectors including Salesforce, Hubspot, Google Sheets, Stripe and Slack, you can populate your boards with live data in minutes.


With an Enterprise account our team will support you to connect further systems including social media, finance, and telephony.


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Choose from multiple widgets

Visualising your goals clearly, grouping metrics effectively and displaying data in a consistent manner helps to communicate your objectives. Pick the component that best displays your data and design a board with the simple to use drag and drop editor tool.


Compare your team’s performance with a bar chart, see the progress of your projects with a line chart and highlight a KPI with one of the number widgets.

Create boards for all your teams

Your business goals and progress towards goals should be clearly communicated to your teams to empower decision making. With no limit on the number of boards you can create you can get all your teams involved.


View your sales performance, see the latest marketing analytics, check the up-to-date finance positions, and keep on track with all your client’s projects.


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